Upcoming events

I don’t run my own programme but am commissioned by local institutes to run training sessions.

The following courses are being organised by the Sussex CII local institute and if there are vacancies you would be welcome to attend. All will be delivered by Zoom. Click on the links to get further details about the event.

For technical reasons it’s not possible to obook from these links but once you’ve selected the event please visit the Insurance Institute of Sussex’s events web page directly and make your booking from there.
If you have any further queries, please email Susan Stamp at secretary@sussexcii.org.uk

J10 2 days split into 2 half days: 2 & 3 March and 8/9 March

AF1 Personal Tax and Trusts NB this is the first of a series of sessions for those planning to take the exam on 28 April. Within this there will be a session on trusts which would be suitable for anyone planning to take this exam on 27 April.

For details please follow this link J02 Trusts

AF7 22 March for the exam on 21 April

R06 12 April for exam on 20 April