There will be three AF5 exams in 2022, February 8, May 10 and September 13.

The fact find will be issued about two weeks before the exam and the course will take place in those two weeks

The course is more of a seminar during which we discuss the key issues in the fact find. The output is a report summarising what came out of the seminar detailing possible questions and how these should be answered.

May 2022 Factfind notes 2/5/22



This was suggested by Wayne on the Sussex course. It could be used as a way of ensuring you pick up all relevant points.


In the meantime you will find practice exams on the AF5 page of the CII website

These are based on the past papers where the answers have been updated for the 21/22 tax year It is recommended that these are studied to get a feel of the style of the exam and more importantly the answers

These are the exam guides from the most recent sessions

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