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Time to October exam October 13th 9.30

One of the frustrations of teaching (and studying) AF4 is that the content tends to vary from session to session. That raises the question of what you need to know to pass.

The key to passing any AF exam is to understand the subject rather than just memorising facts and this is particularly so for AF4. My notes should give you a basic foundation but it if you want to increase your chances you should draw on as many sources as possible.

Firstly you should read the business pages of one of the broadsheet press. It’s quite likely that questions in the October 2020 and April 2021 papers will reflect the strange economic days in which we are living

A really good resource is a series of videos called Killik Explains that you can find on You Tube. Not all are relevant to AF4 but it’s well worth a look.

Morningstar run a series of online investing tutorials.

You have to register but the basic version is free. I’ve not been able to do a full review but what I have seen looks very good.

Good luck