Welcome to my site.

My name is John Trayner (yes!) and I am a freelance trainer based in London.

The exams that I train are:

  • R02, R03, R04, R05, R06,
  • J02, J05, J10
  • AF1, AF4, AF5, AF7,

I don’t normally offer 1:1 training but as most events are now delivered by Zoom, some institutes may allow you to attend no matter where  you are based. You can find details of these open events on the forthcoming events page.

In 2022 AF and J exams will be spread across the year. The dates are:

  • AF1: February 1/April 27/September 6
  • AF4: February 22/May 24//September 27
  • AF5: February 8/May 10/September 13
  • AF7: February 15/May 17/September 20
  • J02: February 2/September 7
  • J05:February 9/September 14
  • R06: January 25/April 26/May 7/September 28 

John Trayner

November 2021