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Now that the October exams you can relax until the results come out on December 11 or November 20 for R06

However it’s not too early to start thinking about the April 2021 session and who knows, we might be able to do some face to face sessions!

The good new is that these will still be based on the 20/21 tax year so the material is still up to date. I will though be making some minor alterations correcting various typos and grammatical errors. The compliance section for AF7 will be completely rewritten to take account of the changes that came into effect on October 1 2020

The 20/21 tax year for the R exams started to be tested from September 1. R04 has been completely rewritten and amended R02. R03 and R05 will be available shortly

October 15 2020

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John Trayner FCII FPFS